No deposit bonus

This agreement complements the User Agreement, which can be found in the relevant section of this site. Accepting the terms of the User Agreement, the Client signifies the acceptance with this Agreement to adopt the no deposit bonus.

  1. The no deposit bonus provided by the Company to the Client is called the Fenix Start Bonus (hereinafter referred to as the Fenix Start Bonus or the Bonus).
  2. The Fenix Start Bonus is a no deposit bonus; each new Client of the Company has the possibility to obtain it. The Fenix Start Bonus is credited in the “Credit” section.
  3. When a Client registers a Trading Account, which is possible to be used later to get the Bonus, the Client pledges to provide his passport details. After the Bonus is credited, it is banned to change the data specified in the field” Full Name”.
  4. The Fenix Start Bonus is not available to already existing clients.
  5. It is impossible to withdraw bonuses from the Trading Account; however, the profit received as a result of trading bonuses can be withdrawn if the terms and conditions regulated by this Agreement on adopting the no deposit bonus are fulfilled.
  6. The Client understands that the Company has the right to fix and (or) restrict the profit available for withdrawal to a size that amounts to 20% of the Fenix Start Bonus amount. When this limit enters into force, the sum of the Bonus is automatically written off and deals are closed by force so that the balance of total funds (equity) amounts to 20% of the Fenix Start Bonus amount.
  7. The Client agrees that there are cases when the Company may ask for the account replenishment with real funds. At the same time, the Company charges an additional 20% bonus on this deposit.
  8. An additional bonus of 20%, described in paragraph 7, is governed by the Agreement on the adoption of the welcome bonus described in the appropriate section of this site.
  9. The Client agrees that the profit on the Trading Accounts with the Fenix Start Bonus will be shared equally between the real funds deposited and the profit gained from trading the Bonus on the Client’s trading account. In such a case, the part of the profit, which is proportional to the amount of profit from the Bonus, may be temporarily prohibited for withdrawal from the Trading Account until it is processed regarding the rules specified in paragraph 12 of this Agreement on adoption of the no deposit bonus.
  10. If the Client makes any withdrawal (writing-off) from hisTrading Account, the profit obtained from the Fenix Start Bonus is deducted in the sum of the withdrawal.
  11. The Fenix Start Bonus and the fixed profit from the Bonus is prohibited to invest in PAMM- accounts; however, it can be used to copy transactions when taking part in the program of copying deals.
  12. After making BUY or SELL transactions, fixed profit from the Bonus can be withdrawn in total amount equal to X * 5 standard lots for every 100 USD of the profit, where X is the amount of the fixed profit from the Bonus.

For example: The Fenix Start Bonus is 1 000 USD, earned profit is 20% of the amount of the Fenix Start Bonus (200 USD). Thus X = 200 and for full profit withdrawal you need to make transactions like BUY or SELL totaling 10 standard lots.

The minimum amount of the profit to withdraw is 50 USD, with the condition of making transactions of at least 2 standard lots and achievements in limiting profits to 20% of the Fenix Start Bonus. If there are some other types of Bonuses deposited on the account (regulated by the Agreements on the adoption of bonuses described in the relevant sections of this site), then the total Bonus funds are dealt with cumulatively. To withdraw funds obtained as a result of using the Fenix Start Bonus from the Trading Account, one should send a request to the email address [email protected] in case the necessary number of lots has been reached. The bonus to be withdrawn should be on the account at the time the manager considers such a request. The company has the right to turn down an application for withdrawal of bonus funds without explanations. It is possible to withdraw only the full amount of the bonus  – it is impossible to withdraw bonuses partially.

  1. The client agrees to get information about the company’s services through the contacts indicated while the registration of the bonus account.
  2. Risks when taking a bonus

Sometimes, when there is a need to protect the Client’s deposit from unnecessary risks, the Bonus may be canceled. Mostly, when this paragraph is applied, the Company guarantees to credit a bonus to the client’s account in the sum totaling the deposit.

15.The Client understands that when the level of the current funds (equity) decreases on the account below the Bonus on the account, i.e. when reaching a point of current losses that exceed the client’s real funds on the trading account, then all sums will be calculated as bonus funds in full if no subsequent deposits are available on the account. 

If the Client deposits, the funds on the account are calculated and shared between the bonuses and real Client’s funds in proportion to the sum of the deposit and the value of the bonus funds at the time of depositing.

  1. The terms of the bonus promotion are possible to be changed or supplemented without prior notification of the Client by the Company.
  2. English is considered the main language of the Agreement. If there are any discrepancies between the English version of this Agreement and its translation, the English version is a priority.