Standart bonus

This agreement complements the User Agreement, which can be found in the relevant section of this site. When the Client accepts the terms of the User Agreement, he also accepts the Standard Bonus Agreement.

Each verified Client of FenixSecurities Company has the right to get a bonus for the sum set by the Company, but not more than the amount of all non-trading operations and received profit/loss.

1.1. When the Client has already received the agreed-upon bonus, then the maximum available bonus to receive by the Client should total the amount of received profit from utilizing the bonus and all non-trading (replenishment of trading account) operations.

1.1.1. The Client understands that bonus funds belong to the Company; they are credited to the Client’s Trading Account to provide secure opened trading orders, and to increase the leverage on the account.

1.1.2. It is strictly banned to pass on or sell bonuses to a third party. Bonuses are attached to a specific Trading account and are impossible to be transferred to another Trading Account under certain conditions. The only exception is when the company deducts bonus funds if the Client fulfills the conditions of the Bonus policy.

1.2. When a client receives a bonus to the Client’s account, this Bonus Agreement is applied to all trading accounts of the client (if the Client owns more than one trading account). This Bonus Agreement complements the User Agreement. When a Client accepts the terms of the Bonus Agreement, he also agrees to the terms of the User Agreement.

Only fully verified trading accounts are considered for bonus accruing. The Client agrees that it will not be temporarily possible to withdraw from the Trading Account until the Client adheres all of the requirements of the Bonus Policy.

2.1. The Company retains the right to approve the Client’s request for withdrawal from the Trading Account on its own discretion in case of executed at least 3 standard lots.

The bonus is credited in the “credit” column and does not take part in the drawdown.

3.1. The client is entitled to refuse to use the bonus funds credited to the Trading Account until the first trading order is opened in the trading terminal. If the Client rejects a bonus and wants it to be deducted from the account’s balance, he must sent the email to [email protected].

3.2. When the Client opens any trading order on the trading terminal with the granted bonus to the trading account, he automatically agrees on all the terms and conditions of the following Bonus Policy that complements the User Agreement.

Basic terms to use the Bonus funds:

4.1. The terms of the Bonus Agreement are considered as fulfilled only when the Client has executed BUY or SELL deals in a total volume equal to X*7 standard lots* for every 100 dollars of the granted bonus, where X = the amount of the bonus/100.

For example: Bonus 100% equals $ 1,000, for a total withdrawal of profit, you must execute BUY or SELL operations with 70 standard lots. At the same time, the operation will be thought as worked out if it was being traded at the time of fixing the trading operation not less than:

  • 5 minutes for all contracts;
  • 50 pips for major currency pairs (EUR \ USD, GBP \ USD, USD \ JPY, AUD \ USD, NZD \ USD, USD \ CAD, USD \ CHF), as well as for pairs with a five-digit quotation and for the pair USD \ JPY with three-digit quotes;
  • 100 pips for cross rates (in pairs with a five-digit quotation and in currency pairs with a Japanese yen with a three-digit quotation);
  • 1500 pips for exotic currency pairs (in pairs with a five-digit quotation and currency pairs with a three-digit quotation (in which there is a Japanese yen or a Hungarian forint);
  • 150 pips for currency pairs of type USD \ RUB and EUR \ RUB (four-digit quotation).

4.2. If other types of bonuses are available on the Trading Account, then these sums must be worked out together. To have the bonus funds recalled from the Trading Account by the Company, the Client has to send a request to the email address [email protected] if the necessary number of lots is executed. The full sum of bonus funds should be made available on the Trading Account at the time the manager reviews the application for Bonus recall. The company keeps the right not to explain the reason for rejecting the application. It is possible to recall only full amount of the bonus – a partial deduction of the bonus funds is impossible.

  1. The Company has the right not to warn the Client in case of recalling the bonus funds **; thus do not take the Bonus funds into consideration when calculating the profitability of the trading strategy. The Company is not liable for the consequences of the bonus cancellation, (including Stop Out), since the credited Bonus belongs to the Company.
  2. The Client understands that in case when the level of the current funds (equity) decreases on the account below the Bonus on the account, i.e. when reaching a point of current losses that exceed the client’s real funds on the trading account, then all sums will be calculated as bonus funds in full if no subsequent deposits are available on the account. In doing so, the profit gained after the account replenishment will be regulated in accordance with clause 4.1 of this agreement and clauses 11.1, 11.2. of the User Agreement.
  3. The main language of the Agreement is English. If there are any discrepancies between the English version of the Agreement and its translation, the English version is thought a priority.