AddApple - 5th stock split in history

The most important facts to know about

  • Apple on Thursday announced its fifth stock split in its history, as the iPhone maker’s stock price marched to the $400 level.
  • Apple said a stock split would allow it to “appeal to a broader base of investors.” The move will appeal to investors who have a difficult time buying a stock sporting a triple-digit price.
  • Apple said that on August 24, investors would receive three additional shares for every one share they owned, while the stock price would be divided by four, bringing it closer to $100.
  • Apple last split its stock in 2014, when it enacted a 7-for-1 split as its share price reached $700.

What benefits are we getting from the Apple split:

  1. The shares of the most successful, blue-chip stock, are becoming very affordable to buy.
  2. The amount of available shares is being quadrupled, supported by demand increase
  3. The split is taking place before a new iPhone is being released, which increases the probability of the successful start and a quick gain
  4. Based on the previous split, the price of the share should yield 200-300% return, attempting to get to the “previous high”

The stock split is a unique opportunity to participate in financial markets trading with a small initial investment and get unexpectedly high returns with the low risk being involved.

The reason being – the stock of the most successful company in the world is being split.

Below, the gain calculator is being presented. It allows you to calculate your profit in real-time and uncover the real potential of this event.

Please do not hesitate to request more detailed information from your account manager

SPLIT AAPL August 24 2020
Split Price
/ 4 = $
Portfolio value:
Current AAPL price is: $ after split price will be $ and then APPLE growing on 50% to $
10 %